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So are we a relocation agency or what?

And what’s the difference between us and RMCs (Relocation Management Companies) and DSPs (Destination Services Providers)? 

Benivo is rather unique - there's no other company doing junior employee relocation for £499 a pop. And because of this, we're getting a lot of questions and comments such as "No way I can afford a relocation agency for junior employees!"
So we decided to clarify things a bit.

The five second version of this article

This is how Benivo is different from other relocation services:

matrixNow let’s go into a few more details.

What is Benivo?

We at Benivo want to make every employee welcome, no matter which level of seniority they are at. We are driven by a desire to make arrivals to a new job, new city and new life as smooth as possible, and to contribute to an open world where moving for work is normal, simple and painless.

Because our mission is aimed at all employees, we focus on helping clients deliver well to junior & mid-level employees who are chronically underserved. We work with large global companies who relocate hundreds or thousands of interns and employees each year. We charge £499 per relocating employee for the basic service and a bit extra for premium features.

These are our main services:

      • For Employers:
        • We deliver happy & more productive employees on Day One; By providing employees relocation guidance, we greatly reduce the likelihood of no-shows and quitting early.
        • Compliance for tax saving. When providing relocation support, companies can save on tax and social security for themselves and the employee. Benivo provides a compliance-ready solution - we collect all the invoices and sort cost items into their tax-deductible categories. More details on the Relocation Allowance here.
        • A recruiting advantage. The best people tend to have job offers from many companies. By receiving relocation support, which so far has been a privilege for the bosses, junior employees feel valued and are more likely to join you.
      • For Employees:
        • We educate the employees about the entire moving process and the accommodation market. We provide at least five available accommodation options within their budget and allow them to book them safely through our platform.
        • Financial support: With our PayLater function, employees can delay most of their deposit and first month’s rent until after their first paycheck.
        • A thorough checklist and instructions for setting up a bank account and registering with health services and local authorities.
        • A friendly physical welcome pack with a city guide, coupons for local businesses and suggestions for leisure activities.
        • Social Insights - Information from other employees about their life in the new city, interesting places to see, accommodation tips etc - all of which help the platform evolve and grow even more useful over time.

How do we make all this happen for £499 per employee? We provide a scalable technology where the employees perform most of the tasks themselves. We’ve learned that it’s not the actual task that creates frustration and overwhelm, it’s the not knowing what the next steps are. We solve this by proving what we call an Assisted Self-Serve Platform where only a few key aspects are highly personalised (e.g. recommending and booking accommodation), while most others are kept light touch.

Because Benivo can relocate 10 employees for the same cost it takes a relocation agency to provide the most basic service to a senior employee, we are well suited for scale. Our customers often use us for intakes of large graduate cohorts or employee groups of high turnover, such as call center and customer service staff.

As a result of this, Benivo is often used for new employees (whereas our competitors chiefly target companies who relocate existing employees). And because providing relocation support to junior staff is a new thing, we often end up being a service that the employer is advertising to their job applicants who enjoy this (red-carpet, in comparison to the status quo) treatment. That way, we help attract talent across borders.

Relocation Agencies

These companies are, in most cases, focused on senior employees. Experienced professionals, often with families, have more complex life circumstances that require more tailor-made solutions and individual attention.

There are two types of relocation companies: RMCs (Relocation Management Companies) and DSPs (Destination Services Providers).

RMCs liaise with the client company and the relocating employee in the place of origin: Besides often having real estate certifications and helping the employee sell their home, RMCs function as the main project manager for the entire relocation process, using sub-contractors for the different steps from beginning to end. These subcontractors include immigration lawyers, tax experts, moving companies etc.

A vital subcontractor category for RMCs are DSPs who work on project managing the relocation in the destination. Their focal points are area orientation, home search and school search. DSPs may use local subcontractors on their own, for specialised topics such as cultural and language training, education consulting and partner support.

Among the largest global relocation agencies are names such as Crown World Mobility, Cartus, and Sirva. Usually, these are big companies with 1,000 - 5,000 employees, serving customers globally.

While most of the bigger agencies also offer technology tools to the relocating employees, these are usually ancillary, and the core of the offering lies in a 1-1 personal, concierge-like attention. As a result, cost are significantly higher - relocation agency fees usually start at £3,000 per relocating employee. (excluding shipping and immigration cost)

In more than one case, Benivo has partnered up with a relocation company and effectively, for that client, became the DSP for an RMC. The RMC has the global relocation contract for a large multi-national company, and Benivo takes care of junior employee relocation in various locations. This works very well for us as we are able to learn from our partners and (hopefully) they from us as well.


All the above can be summarized into a handy table:

table hires

We hope this has been helpful in answering some of your questions, and will make it easier to decide between the options on the market.

If you would like to find out how benivo can help you with relocating junior employees, drop us a line at sales@benivo.com.

Sandra Crespo


Sandra Crespo

Created on 2.1.2017